Listed below are some frequently asked questions with their corresponding answers. We want each customer to have at least a basic understanding of what happens to a motor, why they need to be rebuilt and what is involved in the process.

Q: Do you build all of your motors the same or do you have an A grade motor and a B grade motor?
A: No. Every engine we build receives the same attention to detail and precision. All crank case bearing bores are re-sleeved and realigned. This is the only way to get a crankcase near perfect (±.00005"). Whether you are a club racer or at the top level, all engines get the same treatment.

Q: How do I get a National Grade Motor?
A: Just call and order one! We have no teams, no sponsored drivers. Selling great motors and winning races is a great incentive for us. After all, when you win a race, we sell more engines.

Q: Do you sell Karts or just blueprint and rebuild engines?
A: No, we do not sell Karts. Our shop is 3500 square feet full of the best lathes, mills, hones and precision tools just for blueprinting engines. We do all machining, blueprinting and dyno work ourselves. (Daniel Woltjer or Gary Woltjer)

Q: What maintenance is expected of me the racer to keep my Woltjer Engine running strong in between Rebuilds?
A: For Yamaha KT100s, Komets and Comers, we recomend replacing carb kits every 1-2 Races, Cleaning carbon off the top of the piston every 2-3 races along with keeping up on regular maintenance items such as spark plugs, and air/ fuel filters.

Q: How often should I have my Yamaha, Comer or Komet motor rebuilt?
A: Depending on Use/Abuse the time varies quite a bit. Usually our customers get anywhere from 4- 10 races in between rebuilds to maintain peak performance.

Q: What Oil/Fuel Ratio do you recommend in your engines?
A: 8oz/ Gal

Q: Do your engines require a break-in period when I receive it?
A: All engines are dyno-tuned at Woltjer, and then tested for performance, prior to leaving our shop; therefore, do not need a break-in session. If you do not wish to have your engine "broke in", please let us know.

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