Yamaha KT100

Since the 1970s the Yamaha KT100 has been a competitive, reliable karting engine on national, regional and club-level kart racing in the U.S. And since the early 1990s, Woltjer Racing Engines has been perfecting the art of building fast KT100s for championship racers in series around the country.

Every Yamaha that ships out of the Woltjer shop is built ready to win, including a complete blueprint and dyno test.

Countless drivers from different generations have won races and national championships on karts powered by Woltjer KT100s.

In recent years, drivers such as Kyle Kalish, Brandon Lemke, Pauly Massimino, Sam Mayer, Dakota Pesek, Alex and Neil Verhagen and Jason Welage have raced their Woltjer-built Yamahas to victory and championships in Sportsman, Junior and Senior competition at tracks and series around the country.

 KT100 Engine Specs
Manufacturer:  Yamaha Motor Corp.
Type:  2-stroke, single-cylinder, piston port
Displacement:  97.6cc
Cooling:  Free air
Starter:  Auxiliary
Class:  Rookie, Cadet, Junior or Senior
Series:   USPKS, WKA, Route 66, clubs and tracks around U.S.

Engine Form

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