The IAME X30 continues to gain popularity in the United States as the preferred IAME TaG engine for Junior and Senior competition.

Woltjer Racing Engines has spent countless hours in recent years testing and perfecting its X30. The importance of a top-performing X30 for Junior and Senior is vital as the engine is the future of IAME's TaG program in the United States and around the world. We have cut no corners in the development of our X30 package, and the Woltjer X30s are among the toughest to beat in the U.S.

Drivers such as Brandon Lemke, Brandon Jarsocrak, Nick Tucker, Mike Giessen and Austin McCusker have proven time and time again in national competition that the Woltjer X30 is the choice in TaG Junior and Senior divisions mandating this engine.  Nick Tucker raced his Woltjer-prepared X30 to the 2015 SKUSA Pro Tour TaG Master championship.

 X30 Engine Specs
Manufacturer:  IAME
Type:  2-stroke, single-cylinder
Displacement:  123.67cc
Cooling:  Water-cooled
Starter:  On-board electric starter or auxiliary
Class:  TaG Junior, Senior or Masters
Series:   SKUSA, USPKS, WKA, IKF, F-Series, clubs and tracks around U.S.

Engine Form

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